Alexander Mrohs


Alexander Mrohs works with digital media and creates content through a combination of found and specially generated materials. His work creates reciprocal relationships with the spatial, situational, and content context surrounding them, absorbing and transforming these elements in unique ways. The changes are made through software like Houdini, Blender, and Unity, along with traditional media and programming.

Houdini, Blender, Unity, Davinci Resolve
3D Coat, Metashape, Ableton Live, Affinity Suit

Alexander Mrohs graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg in 2020 (classes of Hakimi and Munding). In 2017, he has received the scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. Among the most recent exhibitions are Drink me! (Fürther Freiheit 6, Fürther Glanzlichter exhibition, 2023); Beat n Tech – superfluous (TH Nuremberg, 2023);
superfluous (LOOK – Ecology and Technology Festival – Heritage Gallery,
Sofia, Bulgaria, 2023); superfluous (Schwabach Art Biennale, 2023); Digital Air #4 life-size
model (DA, online, 2023); New sensuality (Residenztheater Munich, Marstall, 2023); Phantasmagoria (Blue Night 2022, Egidienkirche Nuremberg, 2022), etc.

Scholarships / Awards
2022 – Scholarship NEUSTART KULTUR of German Artists’ Association (Deutscher
Künstlerbund) - Module D: Digital Mediation Formats
2021 – Young Art and New Ways (Junge Kunst und neue Wege), Free State of Bavaria
2020 – Master's student in the class for Free Painting & Art Education with Professor
Michael Munding
2017 – German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes)

2020 – First State Examination in Art Education on Double Major with Distinction
Since 2020 – Master student in the class for Free Painting & Art Education under Professor
Michael Munding
Since 2016 – Art Education on Gymnasium Teaching Double Major at AdBK Nuremberg, Class
Munding - Free Painting & Art Education
2013-16 – Art Education on Gymnasium Teaching Double Major at AdBK Nuremberg, Class
Hakimi - Fine Art with a focus on Painting

Teaching Experience
2020-23 – cont. Lectureship "Artificial Artistic Intelligence" at the AdBK Nuremberg
2021 – Workshop "Virtual Class Lehanka" with the Lehanka class at the AdBK Nuremberg
2020 – Workshop and video work "I am the System" with the Kühn class at the AdBK
2017-20 – Tutorial "Need help?" in Media Education at the AdBK Nuremberg