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Open lecture by Anan Fries: digital (dis)embodiments
DA is happy to invite you to the open lecture of the mentor of the 5 season of the residency – Anan Fries. Please feel free to join the zoom on Friday, February 16 at 5 PM CET via this link
DA5: Links to the Presentation
Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes opening day on February 15
Digital Air is happy to share the links and access to the online presentation of the Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes project. The projects will be available from February 15, 5 PM CET here (the link becomes active at 5 PM CET). The zoom tour with the artists will start at 6 PM CET and can be accessed via this link (the link becomes active at 5 PM CET). Looking forward to seeing you tonight!
DA5: Registration for the presentation is now OPEN
Register and receive an access to the experience of phygitality
On February 15 at 5 PM CET, DA is holding a presentation of the current session of the residency. Save the date and register prior to the event to get the link first!
Image credit: Ksenia Markelova, Empathic Trail, 2023
DA 5: Final show is on from February 15
Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes Exhibition
Digital Air is happy to invite its online fellows and visitors to the final presentation of the season – the show Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes that is going to start on February 15, 5 PM CET. Artistic works will be available online via the website of the residency and on the platform of 8XR.
DA Season 5: Winners of the call
Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes, start date October 16, 2023
DA is happy to introduce you to the winners of the current open call Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes. The topic and programme is shaped by the mentor of the new season, the performing & digital artist Anan Fries.
DA Season 5: Call is opened
Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes programme is receiving applications
Digital AiR is inviting artists to apply for a new season of the residency programme. This time the residence has invited the performing & digital artist Anan Fries to become the mentor of the programme.
Listen to the artists talking about their progress in DA
Short artwork intros from the residing artists of DA5 and DA4
Jeanne Tullen's (Geneva) is a multidisciplinary artist and DA5 fellow. Her practice is concerned with our relationships with others and with ourselves. Through multidisciplinary works in the fields of image, installation, performance and sound, she delves into the relationships that build, weaken and fictionalise us. She is interested in the complexity of emotions, desires and relationships that permeate contemporary life.
Sasha Kochetkova (Paris) is engaged in multidisciplinary practices, working with painting and digital media:
“In my works I talk about how elements of material memory manifest themselves in posthuman identity through the process of glitch. I look for points of contact between errors in the physical world and machine glitches and create a chronicle of posthuman existance.”

Nanda Raemansky (1980) is a multidisciplinary painter from Eede, a small border village in the South West of the Netherlands in the delta area, where Belgium and Holland meet.
Themes of Nanda’s work often point back to the artistic, musical and largely anacho-communist environment of her childhood. Her practice is a careful methodology of medium manipulation, and she often starts with capturing her subject in photographs. Hear Nanda talking about her project – "Terneuzen: A Post Coffeeshop City".
Alfiya Shamsutdinova (Kazan) is a performance artist and dance therapist. The artistic and dance therapy practices of Alfiya Shamsutdinova are intertwined and nourish one another. The area of artistic interest lies in the attempt to designate and accept the human body expanded into the digital world in its physical and digital integrity.
The project Alfiya has created for DA5 is "Dance Game”. "Dance Game" is a no-gain art game. The user is suggested to follow the thumb of a person scrolling her phone that they see on the screen.
Ruth Baettig:
"Daydreaming, or dreaming with eyes wide open, has always fascinated me. It is often related to cinema, also because it is a territory where imagination and memory meet, intertwine, even melt together. Can we imagine our memories? Can we remember our imagination? These are borderline situations, which I like to experience – placet experiri".

Vlad Dovgopyaty and Sonata Raiymkulova:
In the "Anger of the Amorphous" we combine two aesthetics – the image of an amorphous organism, consisting of the bodies of people drawn in and bogged down in it like in a swamp, and the aesthetics of anger.

Sound art by Iaroslav Kolantai

Polina Enuvesta:
"In "Dimensional quatrain", I explore the possibilities of the intersection of such expressive genre as poetry and – virtual spaces.
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