Alfiya Shamsutdinova
Multiverses of PoleTelo, video art/Guslitsa, 2023
Alfiya Shamsutdinova - performance artist, dance therapist

The artistic and dance therapy practices of Alfiya Shamsutdinova are intertwined and nourish one another.
The area of artistic interest lies in the attempt to designate and accept the human body expanded into the digital world in its physical and digital integrity.
Alfiya investigates digital communities and digital care. The artist takes an active part in 4 art communities.

Alfiya Shamsutdinova’s solo exhibitions were held in 2017(Kazan), 2021 (Kazan) and 2023 (Moscow). She is a co-founder of an independent PerformanceArt project with the yearly online conference on performance art. The artist values both the prominent international projects (The Wrong Biennale/online, 2023) and underground initiatives (maska fest/Saint Petersburg, 2023).
Who is watching who is watching, performance/Saint Petersburg, 2023