Alyssa Stevens
New York
Alyssa Stevens is a 25 year old full-time 1/1 digital artist and creator in the NFT space. Creating art has always been an integral part of Alyssa’s life, but she never thought she could make a career out of it. She graduated from Bentley University with a degree in Marketing in 2020 and was soon immersed in the corporate world, working in social media advertising at a media agency in Boston. Alyssa continued making art and soon entered the NFT space, spending her free time researching NFTs and Web 3.

In March 2022, Alyssa’s life changed overnight. Her artwork was featured on the homepage of OpenSea, the largest and most well-known NFT marketplace. Within two days, her collection Interconnected Planes, which consists of over 100 1/1’s, sold out; pieces from the collection continue to sell on the secondary market. One month later, Alyssa decided to quit her corporate job and focus full-time on her art and Web 3. Since then, Alyssa’s artwork has also been featured in Times Square for NFT NYC.

Curator Maria Styablina discussed with Alyssa her practice, the perks of being a digital creator and how important can be a community for those whose art is usually only on virtual display.