Anthropology of Digital
Anthropology of Digital is a research based on interviews with digital artists. It aims to understand what makes digital media so essential to today's creative society in matters of effecting change in the world including the aesthetic perception of the art audience. Nowadays, despite all the controversy, blockchain-connected changes are here to stay. They have already rendered both artists and collectors freer in communication and taken down some long-standing art world barriers. Yet, it is still unclear what makes digital so luring to creators.

What inspires them? How is it different in terms of content and language? How do they perceive traditional hierarchies of the art world?

In the interviews, Digital AiR tries to find some answers to these and other questions.

Alyssa Stevens is a 25 year old full-time 1/1 artist in the NFT space. In March 2022, Alyssa’s life changed overnight.

Luca Lee is a queer transmedia artist. They also explores the relationship between speculation and identity.
Obvious is a collective of researchers, artists, and friends, working with the latest models of deep learning to explore the creative potential of artificial intelligence.
Recycle Group was formed by Andrey Blokhin & Georgy Kuznetsov.
Since 2008 the artists have regularly participated in various exhibitions around the world: NY, Paris, London, Moscow, Helsinki, Kiev, etc. Its art explores the life of the modern man and its codependency with the new technologies and the world web for better or for worse.