Danya Orlovsky
Danya Orlovsky [pronounced: daña] is an artist, motion designer, and educator. He holds degrees in graphic design and contemporary art theory. Danya is involved in international educational programs such as The Terraforming, The New Centre for Research & Practice, and School of Emergencies. He is part of the APXIV group that merges participatory art with digital technology to explore models of techno-social interaction.
Danya's work explores the intersection of technology and the uncanny, non-human, and mystical experiences through sound, video, animation, 3D, and VR. He is the director of the long-running project "Morok," which reimagines folklore, history, and media through a schizoanalytic lens.
Because of his opposition to the invasion of Ukraine, Danya left Russia and is now based in Europe. His personal art practices are on hold.