Emilie Bausager
Potato. Denim, rhinestones, silk screen, laser engraving, bleaching. 150 x 220 cm.2023
Emilie Bausager holds an MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has recently been showing works in SOL (DK), Den Frie (DK), SKAL Contemporary (DK) OK Corral (DK), NADA (USA) and Loggia Loggia (GE).

Emilie Bausager’s practice deals with the fluidity of history, and the impossibility of adequate representation. By employing anachronism as a reoccurring artifice in her work she creates a tension between curiosity, insight, gravity and humour. Often rooted within landscape, constructed or not, Bausager’s output takes its shape as installation comprised of elements such as stained glass, ceramics, objets trouvé, text, and prints.
Insel Geist. Installation view. 2021