Jeanne Tullen
All Of That Skin Into My Screen Into My Hand. Courtesy: author.
Jeanne Tullen's (Geneva) practice is concerned with our relationships with others and with ourselves. Through multidisciplinary works in the fields of image, installation, performance and sound, she delves into the relationships that build, weaken and fictionalise us. She is interested in the complexity of emotions, desires and relationships that permeate contemporary life.

Jeanne Tullen. Ce vide intersideral. Courtesy: author.
Her research is concerned with the human body and its presence in a networked society. In this context, she considers our coexistence with others, and what it means to be human. In her photography and performance work she uses her own body as a template to scrutinise the multiple and technological "being", while her pictorial work portraits her loved ones and levels feelings of solitude.
Through my brushes and color palette, I bridge moments of solitude to the presence of others. The practice of painting, which may seem solitary, is in reality a way of being accompanied by the people I paint. Immersed in their images, I find a way of not getting lost into myself.

Jeanne Tullen
Jeanne Tullen. In Transit; Home. Courtesy: author.