Ksenia Markelova

Ksenia Markelova (1994, Kamensk-Uralsky) lives and works in Yekaterinburg. Ksenia studied at the Ural State University of Architecture and Art at the Department of Graphics and Animation. Participates in exhibitions since 2016. She is a resident of a workshop in the Ural branch of the Pushkin Museum (former Ural NCCA).

“Art is the labor closest to life. My practice is based in the field of Fear and Desire and their mixtures. The visual aesthetics of my work addresses the politics of the body and sex. Corporeality and a human being itself here seek liberation — in love, and from violence. Dealing with the intimate, the sacred, the vulnerable, and the painful brings me to Horror as an intense reality in which empathy confronts monstrous formations. Absurd has become the newest discourse for me — as a method of resistance to the last frontier of anguish.
I work with mixed media installation and sculpture with such materials as textile, silicone, epoxy resin, wax, graphics with oil pastel, puppet animation and video art, 3D modeling”.
Ksenia Markelova
At the residence, Ksenia will develop and revive her project “The Empathetic Trail” — a speculative science fiction about a catastrophe that, instead of destruction, brought people a new organ of communication. More information about the original form of the project can be found at the link.

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