Michael Grebner


Fountain. Oil on canvas, 190x240. 2022

Michael Grebner's work is a sensual color gradients and mixed nuances open up vague spaces, while a rich application of color in sensual opulence increasingly comes to the fore. In this way I create a field of tension between materiality and representation.
This balancing act between observation and dream dance, between abstraction and representationalism is particularly taken to the extreme in my latest series, the Folds. The fascination for soft, curved, almost baroque shapes becomes a projection surface on which a shimmering play of colors and surfaces emerges.

In terms of content, the works move between a dark atmosphere on the one hand and ecstatic exuberance on the other. Menacing celestial bodies and entwined nightshades distorted faces and figures shrouded in mist. Here, the dystopian unease of a changing world emerges from the perspective of a night of drinking - an exciting interplay of drama and ecstasy, world-weariness and comfort, pleasure and pain - baroque vanitas in the 21st centuryIn the last years Biessmann had the opportunity to play with mixtures of classical-, jazz musicians, dancers, concert designers and researchers at venues like Impuls-Festival, Radialsystem or Hidalgo. As well he worked with institutions like the Einstein Center for Digital Future, UdK Berlin, AudioLabs Erlangen or the Fraunhofer IIS.

Rocaille II . Oil on Canvas, 100x100. 2022