Paul Biessmann


Audio Igloo. Sound installation with Benoît Maubrey
Paul Biessmann is coming from a music conservatory and a technical university, mixing these worlds, stir it up and embrace whats left and seems wrong. He is working at the intersection of technology and arts, looking for new ways to combine them. Building interfaces and liking the errors. Biessmann's work ranges from composing and producing music, improvising with acoustic and electronic instruments, building machines with Arduino, water, rubbish, textiles or orchestra to programming interactive live visuals.
While graduating with Jazz Piano he started to bring and build more and more electronic materials on the stage. At first Biessmann was mainly looking for unusual ways to control a performance, after some surprises and crashes he loved the errors and prototyping states. He likes improvisation and participation and need open parts in a performance.

In the last years Biessmann had the opportunity to play with mixtures of classical-, jazz musicians, dancers, concert designers and researchers at venues like Impuls-Festival, Radialsystem or Hidalgo. As well he worked with institutions like the Einstein Center for Digital Future, UdK Berlin, AudioLabs Erlangen or the Fraunhofer IIS.

HIDALGO - Scrollen in Tiefsee. Openframeworks, Audiolib Essentia, Kinect, OSC. 2019