Polina Enuvesta
Polina Enuvesta is a digital media artist recently relocated to Cyprus.

Her art practice is focused on preserving the value of hand-crafted in digital environments and poetic imagery in order to overcome the feeling of fatality by keeping connection between human, nature and technology. These subjects are researched by the means of speculative design, 3D, 2D and VR.

Polina has a degree in Sociology, has completed additional courses in Rodchenko art school and one year professional retraining course ‘New Media in Contemporary Art’ at MSCA.

In recent years works by Polina Envesta have been exhibited in Nakovalnya Gallery; Here Gallery; Petrovka 30/7 Gallery in Moscow and Stellabelle’s Gallery in Cryprovoxels.
Dimensional Quatrain
In the project, the boundaries of 3D space construction are pushed away from the design towards analytical implementation. The analysed poem by Dmitry Prigov captures a thin and uncanny feeling towards space that one feels occasionally.
Dimensional Quatrain rewrites the poem using general tools of 3D artists, keeping its shortness and capacity for imagery, rhyming the architecture and diving inside structure, sound and typography. For a little interactive souvenir, to remember your experience by, visit enuvesta.pythonanywhere.com

ghost plant radio