Sonata Raiymkulova
"struggle for space", gel pen+A1 paper, 2022
Sonata Raiymkulova is an artist from and based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. She works in black-and-white graphics, sculpture, and animation (2d-3d). Her topics related to the formation of a person, their existence and interaction with society, and the space in which they live.

Participated in various projects\exhibitions: interdisciplinary online art project «ASPHALT: Lives and Lines», "Dreams of freedom. Postscript" New Tretyakov Gallery, the exhibition of young artists "First Contact" Astana Art Show, etc.

a furniture human (series of graphic works), А4, paper, 2019
Project № 0206
Sculpture dimensions: 3x 1.5 m
Year of creation: 2019
Part of the sculpture was covered with fabric, on which
the animation was broadcast by 3D mapping.
the work was done within the framework of the “Astana art show”
Anger of the Amorphous by Vlad Dovgopyaty and Sonata Raiymkulova
Sound art by Iaroslav Kolantai