Yanzi is a new media artist based in London and working in the field of contemporary media art and visual communication technologies.
Yanzi has been invited to exhibit with his collective Current at the exhibitions and festivals around the world, including Rijksmuseum Twenthe's Deep Truth (2022),
CityU's The Art Machines/2 in Hong Kong, the GOGBOT festival and 'Fake Me Hard' in the Netherlands, and Santa Fe International New Media Festival 'Currents' (2021).

He has exhibited with APXIV art group at the International Biennale 'Art for the Future' by The Multimedia Art Museum, VI and VII Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Copenhagen Art Week 2019, 7th International Public Art Festival Art Prospect (CEC ArtsLink).
Yanzi's work is notable for its applicability to a wide range of fields within the creative industries. He spoke at the xCoAx (2020) 8th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics, and X in Graz and the Design Computation DC I/O 2020 International Summit in London. He also won the Berlin Music Video Award (2021) category for his video "Kasseta - Rewind the Tape".
Yanzi was a successful applicant for several art residencies, including 2018 Vyksa artist-in-residency with Alycha art group and 2020 CCI Fabrika residency together with APXIV, which resulted in the collective launching one of the first digital art residency projects in Russia. Yanzi has also been involved in education, leading a number of workshops and master classes in digital art production, like at Medialab Matadero Madrid, Bartlett School of Architecture in London, Southern California Institute of Architecture and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).