Digital AiR: to encounter virtuality
DA is a virtual residency program for artists that merges in-depth discussion and education through digital medium.
Residency aims to empower and educate those seeking to learn more about virtual art and start working in WEB3 and the metaverse. Digital AiR is best suited for those with scarce digital experience but interested in exploring digital as a medium, acquire new knowledge of a rapidly developing ecosystem, and gain hands-on experience of creating art on a metaverse platform.

The duration of the residency program is 12 to 14 weeks with approximately 10 participants in each cohort. The curriculum starts with a 4 weeks learning phase during which the participants meet and discuss WEB3 related topics with the thought leaders of the ecosystem. Several educational sessions with 8XR representatives are also scheduled.

The last 8 weeks are dedicated to the creation of artworks on the residency topic of the cohort. The participants have access to one-on-one sessions with the technical support team to complete that task. The works will be exhibited in the virtual premises of the Digital AiR – digitised venues of CCI Fabrika.

Some of the topics covered during the residency program.

  1. Digital Art History
  2. NFT
  3. AI The Latest Trend
  4. Metaverse Architecture
  5. Digital Art in the Traditional Exhibition Space
  6. Technical Workflow from Start to GameEngine
  7. 8XR Engine & 3D in general
How does the residency work?

We invite artists to take part in the Digital AIR in order to create a discursive platform and community built on mutual respect and interest in the digital practices of contemporary art. The work in the group is based on the “building a common” principle and consists of a series of thematic and curatorial zoom meetings, during which participants discuss the theme of the residency and the projects that they want to implement. Each participant of the residence will have administrative access to the platform for the duration of the residency.

For residents, a budget for the production of virtual work (creation of a three-dimensional object/budget for assets) and a small fee are assumed.

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