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DA Season 5: Winners of the call
Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes, start date October 16, 2023
DA is happy to introduce you to the winners of the current open call Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes. The topic and programme is shaped by the mentor of the new season, the performing & digital artist Anan Fries.
DA Season 5: Call is opened
Phygital Bodies in Speculative Landscapes programme is receiving applications
Digital AiR is inviting artists to apply for a new season of the residency programme. This time the residence has invited the performing & digital artist Anan Fries to become the mentor of the programme.
Listen to the artists talking about their progress in DA
Short artwork intros from the residing artists of DA 4
Ruth Baettig:
"Daydreaming, or dreaming with eyes wide open, has always fascinated me. It is often related to cinema, also because it is a territory where imagination and memory meet, intertwine, even melt together. Can we imagine our memories? Can we remember our imagination? These are borderline situations, which I like to experience – placet experiri".

Vlad Dovgopyaty and Sonata Raiymkulova:
In the "Anger of the Amorphous" we combine two aesthetics – the image of an amorphous organism, consisting of the bodies of people drawn in and bogged down in it like in a swamp, and the aesthetics of anger.

Sound art by Iaroslav Kolantai

Polina Enuvesta:
"In "Dimensional quatrain", I explore the possibilities of the intersection of such expressive genre as poetry and – virtual spaces.
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