3D Scanning and Post-processing for Rendering, Printing and Game Engines

3D scanning is a powerful tool for artists and creators alike. It allows physical forms and materialities to be translated into the virtual. The forms then available have shapes and materialities that distinguish themselves from classic virtual aesthetics through their authenticity and natural complexity.
3D Scanning and Post-processing for Rendering, Printing and Game Engines
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Course Starts JAN 29, 2024

Course Format Online
Skills Level Beginner
Duration Unlimited access to all course materials
Lectures 5 h/Pre-recorded lectures, 3 Video Tutorials, 8 Example Files
Expect to spend 6 hrs/wk viewing lectures


Blender, 3D Coat (paid or student/university license), RealityCapture, PolyCam
Key takeaways from taking this course are:
  • Choosing the right scanning method and parameters;
  • Making scans using lidar and photogrammetry methods;
  • The entire workflow to prepare the raw data and process it further;
  • Finish processed objects and use them for further workflows such as rendering, 3D printing, game engines.
– and more to discover.
The topic framing this course is 'The aesthetic juxtaposition of physical-naturalistic material against changeable virtual, experimental aesthetics. A connection to an early discourse on photography that contrasts an indexical evidential character on the one hand and an excerpt-like narrative use on the other.'

In addition to a large number of pre-produced lectures and tutorials, a collection of sample files and a knowledge base help with the learning process. The learning process is personally accompanied by Alexander Mrohs in the form of group meetings and individual feedback.

By the end of the 5 weeks, students built up a solid understanding for the entire workflow, from scanning to processing of raw data through several steps. Students will learn some of the best practices in 3D scanning for animation, printing, and game development. They will create several scans that are ready for further use.
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