Creating virtual Exhibitions & Experiences with 8XR

In the era of Web 3.0 flooded with virtual exhibitions and meta museums, it's high time for creators to incorporate these practices. 8XR is an innovative browser-based game engine that allows you to create interactive virtual experiences with numerous features and tools. It is particularly accessible and the results run cross-platform on desktop PCs, smartphones and VR glasses.

Creating virtual Exhibitions & Experiences with 8XR
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Course Starts JAN 29, 2024

Course Format Online
Skills Level Beginner & Intermediate
Learning Materials 5h/Pre-recorded Lectures
4 Video Tutorials
7 Example Files
Knowledge Base

Expect to spend 6 hrs/wk viewing lectures


Blender (Latest Version)
Key takeaways from taking this course are:
  • Create immersive, interactive exhibitions & experiences with 8XR;
  • Incorporate viewers by dynamically responding to their actions via scripting or changing the experience accordingly;
  • Workflow for game engines: generating and exporting the assets, designing the scene, scripting and optimizations;
  • Create interactive experiences using sample assets and your own material.
– and more to discover.

Course examines how an exhibition practice changes through virtual tools and possibilities. On the one hand through an echo and reference to physical spaces, but also as an entry into the virtual that outstrips the physical and stands out from it. In addition to the technical content, the course is framed by the topic 'On the dissolution of the white cube. Reminiscences and explorations of virtual possibilities'.

At the end of the five weeks, participants will have developed a solid understanding of the entire workflow and will be able to create their own virtual experiences, virtual exhibitions, virtual reality, 3D virtual spaces.
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