The project re:beuys is dedicated to the famous German artist and one of the main theorists of postmodernism, Joseph Beuys, who was born exactly 100 years ago. The XR-project of the APXIV group is based on the personal myth of Joseph Beuys about the fall of his plane on the Crimean field and miraculous healing by local "shamans".

Olga Klimovitskaya is a multimedia artist, b. 1981 (Kazakhstan) and based in London.

Yanzi is a new media artist based in London and working in the field of contemporary media art and visual communication technologies.
Danya is an artist, motion designer, and educator. In 2022, Danya left Russia and is now based in Europe.
Angelica is a Moscow based artist.
Anastasia Soboleva
Anastasia Soboleva is

Katya Granova is an artist and curator that was born in St Petersburg, Russia and currently lives in London, UK.
Sofia Ovchinnikova is an artist, born in Russia, yet currently based in Mainz.